Medical surveillance

Implementation of baseline, periodic, follow-up, post-illness and exit medical examination according to the needs of the defined risk based medical surveillance programme and performed in accordance with the occupational risk profile: hearing, lung function, vision, heights, multi-drug testing, BP, cardiac function, diabetes, biological monitoring.

Medical surveillance reporting

Integrated programme for treatment, reporting and rehabilitation of occupational injuries and diseases.

Hazard and Risk Identification, assessment and management

On-going risk assessment to ensure that the medical surveillance programme is cost effective and risk based. Formulation of Occupational Risk Exposure profiles with comprehensive occupational hygiene risk assessment conducted by an approved Inspection Authority. Supporting client management in the formulation of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS management programmes and chronic illness management programmes that align to government’s and industry’s published guidelines.

IOD Management

Minor IOD’s can be treated and returned to work without unrealistic sick leave, and follow up and rehabilitation of injured employees together with an intimate understanding of the COID submission processes for injuries and diseases.

Periodic reporting of chronic illness and occupational diseases to client management

Early intervention strategies devised to limit occupational diseases where shifts in baseline profiles are identified and/or where monitoring parameters are amended. Liaison undertaken with client Health and Safety management to ensure the monitoring of employee chronic disease profiles and employee fitness to work.

Other Services

Occupational Health Incident investigation
Monitoring of contractors’ letters of Good Standing with the Compensation Commissioner
Secured confidential storage of client employee clinical records
Maintenance of calibration certificates, professional registration, medical waste certificates, clinic permits and dispensing permits
Health Promotion Programmes for client employees on a range of primary health care and occupational health care topics from good nutrition to correct lifting techniques, and general awareness and control of non communicable disease such as Diabetes and Hypertension.

Sector specialisation

Mobile Medical Services

On-site clinics

Safety Consultancy

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